Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There are days and sometimes just moments - where it overwhelms me. Where I backtrack, where I go bitter, where I regret, where I fucking resent you. But then I remember Donnie. And how I truly and firmly believe he changed my whole perspective on life. And you fade so nicely into the background. I miss Donnie so much. I wish he was here, I wish he could walk in my door and poke me in the side and hold my face and lay on my torso. He's the first person I felt anything substantial for since you. He is so self aware, so humble, so open. He changed my life in 4 months. And despite everything, he still cares about being my friend - no matter what or who enters his life. That's something you can't seem to figure out. How to be a friend without those feelings.

* I found this as a draft, felt I need to publish it

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love how you think I'm going to take him from you. News flash - I don't want him. If only you knew.

In other news, I have various options on my hands and a potential boyfriend? Its confusing but I'm enjoying myself.