Thursday, May 21, 2009


did you stumble into my life so simply? I always say that the right guy will come when I'm back on my feet and can stand tall. I have been so incredibly happy even sans a love life the past two months, what a better time for you to walk into my life?

We talk for hours. We don't even have to say anything but its understood. You already finish my sentences. You are spontaneous and want to take me places and show me things and surprise me and care for me. You want to know me. You appreciate knowing me and the process of it. Everything I feel inside I don't say right away, you say first and make it okay for me to say back.

You have your head on straight, you know what you want but also don't - just like me. You and I have an insane amount in common and it makes me wild. I am so anxious to finally be with you, for the surprises you have planned, for just laying there and talking to you face to face.

Yosemite, East coast, Texas, Beach day, Giants game, Disneyland, you already want me to meet your mom when she comes. I want you to come win over mine so she'll make you the steak dinner I can't make :)

I'm constantly listening to cheesy lovesongs and I walk around with a stupid grin on my face. I have not felt this way in so long. With you, there are no "buts". There are no, well he's great "but...". I am crazy about you and I cannot wait to see where this goes. It literally makes me so anxious I can't even handle it.


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