Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Beach

Despite your insane roommate and all her fiascos, your new place is a dream. Your dollhouse halls with a big ol pool and hot tub that we dove in and out of... floated on our backs and laughed at the crooked palm trees. You picked me up and twirled me around and splashed and then held me close. We spent all day tangled up in each other and breathing each other's air. You have this quiet giggly manner that just makes me laugh. You're so entertained by me, but I'm so enthralled by you.

But, as we were kissing, you had to bring him up. You had to ask.. although I understand your reasoning, it made my heart stop. He isn't allowed in the gates of my mind very often and that is definitely the last place I wanted him when I was there with you. I love being around you because I feel comfortable and I laugh and we actually have good conversation and we're FRIENDS... and you treat me like a princess. But I hate that I see him when I'm with you. I hate that it overshadows a good thing we have going.

I compare everyone to him. No one has even touched the way he made me feel yet. Or maybe I'm not letting them?

Grey's anatomy makes me emotional.

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fly said...

greys leaves me in the same mood. i start becoming over emotional and crying over boys(robert)/my past blah. i love you. you deserve honestly, nothing but the BEST. if your still hurting over eric maybe you just need some chill time by yourself. i know thats what ive been trying to do i already know i have this wall up and im not going to let anyone compare to robert so i just dont bother even trying becuase im not ready for that. i love you and i hope at some point can look back and just feel like you've learned from your past and it wont hurt you anymore there is sooo much in store for you! and i know you know that. its hard. i love you im always here for you. im feeling extra mushy sappy tonight. sorry <3