Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being home is really nice. Being home and remembering I'm the only single one in the family... not so nice. My brother is proposing to his girlfriend soon, so I'll be the official 7th wheel of the miller fam. The holidays make me long for commitment, just like the summer makes me long for bouncing around with boys.

I want to stand still, I want I want I want. I'm beginning to think maybe I'm too high maintenance? Or something? Like, am I crazy? I just hate that oh we're in college means oh, lets not commit. Just because we're in college means we can't commit because who commits in college? I hate college guys. I thought I'd love them but all they want is ass. I want someone who wants more than my ass. I am so so picky. I just think something is wrong with me, there must be. I'm crazy.

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Love, there are SO many stupid men out there that do not appreciate women and other people in general. I for one, respect every single person I meet.

You are such an amazing person, I adore every thing about you. You truly make my days worthwhile.
It's people such as yourself that motivate me to be a better person in this 'so-called' world.