Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years Resolutions

- be healthier
* go to the gym 3x a week (remember our pact K,K,E)
* lay off the double doubles & spread :x
* drink WAY more water
* keep my room cleaner so I'm not living in a pot of germs

- be greener
* buy a cool water bottle instead of buying individual ones
* really commit to recycling bottles/cans in fullerton (anyone up for making a bi-monthly recycle run date?)
* use less water
* drive less, bike even more
* spend the extra money to get the recycled whatever it is

- be more responsible
* try to keep from procrastinating
* manage my money better
* be more on top of my school work
* drink/party less

- listen more, talk less

- do not settle 
* no meaningless sex

- read a book at least once every month

- read the news
* keep up with politics 

- save money
* $30 to girl fund for a future trip
* $100 when I get a big pay check for emergencies

- complain less, gossip less
* once I start complaining, take the initiative to flip it around and start appreciating
* in the midst of gossip, try to flip it around and say good things about the person

- be even happier than I am now with being alone/single

- inspire my forum kids
* give them a kick ass time in sacramento
* personalize a card for each of them

- be more patient
* give people the benefit of the doubt
* try to see things from another perspective

- write/record a song

I really hope I keep to these. I'm going to do my besttt.

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Majesta said...

good for you lora :)