Friday, January 23, 2009


Tonight was flawless. We went to walnut creek for bomb chai and went to the movies - we had an hour to kill before it started so you asked if I wanted to go see where your dad used to live. Drove up a huge hill and laughed at my tiny car's weak attempts to climb it. Finally made it to the house after passing it mid-story and almost hitting a skunk. You showed me the pillar your car hit, thanks to no e-break. It was nice hearing you open up and talk about memories I had no idea about.We made our way back and hung out in the movie lobby for a while (because we're that cool). But to be honest, it never mattered. You have your moments, but tonight was completely free of being awkward. From the movie theatre basically to ourselves, to trying really hard to make the DDR machine work, to sitting on the fountain... We went to In N Out and talked more and you talked about your mom and I could just feel the respect radiating from you about what she does. We made it back to your house, looked at yahoo personals and laughed, and watched Tyra. Tonight was the best night with you there, so far. Being quiet didn't matter. It was the first time I was able to open my eyes and be okay - to lock my gaze with someone elses and not look away. 

We dozed off and woke up just around a half hour ago. You had to say goodbye in your sister's old panda filled bedroom , because your law servin' momma was about to get up. It wasn't long enough. I kissed you one last time and stepped out into the rain - I wasn't expecting it but I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I cried. You told me you'd miss me so many times tonight, and it really hasn't hit that I'm leaving technically tomorrow (now that it's 5am). 

Why does this happen to me? Why do I meet these people, have these feelings and in the end, I can't go past a certain point with them ? Who knows what will come of it. But I have had such an amazing time this break with Andy, and I laughed so hard with him. That feeling alone was worth it all. 

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