Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A smile, a look, a heartfelt hello. A compliment. Sunshine, confident steps, sunglasses. The little things overshadow dark monsters. Minute details one doesn't expect another to pick up... but they do. Daffodils, smiling up at me. Laying in bed, sun sifting through the shutters as calm music floats throughout air laced with gardenias.

Isn't it odd when you feel an indescribable connection? When you speak with someone and everything clicks... and it seems all you want to do is take that feeling and run with it? I have trouble controlling that urge it seems. I can't get enough, but I'm so afraid that I'm psyching myself out.

I still feel a lot of past pain. I don't like double standards. In fact, I hate them. I probably have a few of my own.. but I try hard not to. Its just one more thing I need to take and make the best of. Take my pain, my mistakes I've made personally, and learn from it. Life is such an odd little thing. And as much as we dig our heels into the ground, change still occurs. Life moves - whether we are prepared or not.

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