Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lessons on criticism and self worth

So I was told tonight basically that I'm 85% likeable and that I go out to make others feel bad about themselves. Kind of a harsh thing to throw at me, and although there were some valid points that the message which so calmly appeared in my inbox conveyed, there were many which weren't.

I was genuinely upset about it for a few hours, and talking to Melissa realllly helped me. She is one person I can count on to tell it to me like it is but still be compassionate, and at the same time not choose sides. I love her to death.

I feel so refreshed right now. I took a completely 100% negative thing and turned it around for the better. I'm really going to make an effort to improve on my flaws, but at the same time its nice to know that I can handle that criticism. Forgive me for being happy for myself and "bragging" if you will, but it makes me feel good.

Its hard to shift gears from a place where you really focused on other people's needs to your own, and it evidently damaged my relationships with a few people? Though definitely not intentionally. That is the one thing I will always stand by. If I ever hurt someone by making them feel insignificant, it is never on purpose.

I'm just glad this night turned out to be good on its own. Not because some boy made it better, not because I had any sort of distraction. Because I had honest, loving friends who reached out and cared for me. And because I didn't let someone else's opinion on me crack my faith in myself in half.

I'm truly starting to recover completely, to be at ease.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. "
Eleanor Roosevelt

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