Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you know where your heart is?

Airplane snapshots and bears hanging out of windows..

the view from my brother's patio

Manhattan beach/ pier

Funny story behind these... we took a cab back after dinner since it was a pretty far walk back to my brother's house, and we got picked up in the "party van" driven by johnny kash ahahah he pulled down a screen and a live beyonce concert dvd was playing. kim and i were dying. then he turned on all these lights?! ahahhaha it was amazing.

Fullerton was amazing. I cannot wait to move. The school is seriously perfect for me, the theatre program is so spectacular. I toured the theatres and fell in love. I want this so bad, its so competitive, but I am going to work as hard as I can to be part of the 20% who make it into the BFA program.

Life is funny right now. I'm in a complete transition phase of my life, but I'm trying to enjoy it. Brett tried out for the UC Men's Octet today and made it to the last round! I'm anxious waiting to hear if he made it.

I keep having these dreams where Eric pops up, its really odd. Its kind of unsettling, to be honest. I wake up really disoriented, because it takes me back to a mentality I don't think my conscious self ever lets me return to as of late. I'm so detatched from everything. Its kind of nice, actually. I don't want to fall in love or make any best best friends right now so its cool to just hang with the people that are in my life with no real expectations. I feel free, its wonderful. (:

I'm going to Aptos' prom with my middle school crush, its going to be really fun. He's this really funny surfer guy that I went to Monte Vista with, and he just sort of randomly asked me because he didn't have a date, which is fine for me. I know we'll just be chillin and there will be no romantic pressure or anything. And there's a big bbq before and I'm sure we'll be partying after.. I am so excited! He'll be a fun date and it will just be an overall fun night :)

Two proms two weekends in a row! Sweeeeeet ! These last few months of living at home and school are going to be so fun and great. I am so stoked off life right now, its a great feeling. And you know what? I've been pretty happy with life before, but it always seemed to revolve around my feelings for a boy. And honestly, having Brett in my life is awesome, but that definitely isn't why my life rules so much right now.. it just adds to it :)

Brett just sent me this amazing acapella song... he's at some acapella practice. I want to be in an acapella group so badlyyyy.

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