Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well its got to be strong to touch my heart through its shell

I love when I have something I really need to do, I always feel the need to update my blog. Yay procrastination.

This weekend was beyond amazing. Such a wonderful end to such a stressful week (:

I just put all the pictures up in non-chronilogical order so whatever. I'll start by saying that Brett and I went to the lindy on sproul thing he goes to yesterday, which is basically a bunch of people who gather to dance at the plaza in Berkeley. I was so tired because of the day before being so hectic, then getting little to no sleep because of stupid dumb blondes bitching about not really stolen iPods (abra kadabra!) but the dancing was worth it.

Please observe pictures Brett's friend Kristen took :)

Blues dancin'

Then we went to a random patch of grass after eating at Slurp's and sprawled out and sort of half-napped for a while... it was wonderful. Berkeley's campus is so nice :)

So Brett had been gone all week in Cabo, and this is one of the things he brought me back :) "te amo lora" with a little heart and rose thing ona grain of rice. He's super cute.

Friday after Mr. Cali and the competition (which went a lot better than I was anticipating), we finally made it over to Donnie's for Andrew's neon party... so fun. I was with all my favorite people. :D

I could write a lot more, but I'm going to try to work on my powerpoint thing so I can go sleepy.

Ps- Isn't it ironic that when people find out they can't have something, they want it that much more? It's really irritating me right now. Sorry, you lost your chance.

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