Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On the softness of her laugh, I could almost make my bed

I got the pictures from the shoot! They are amazing. I love Andria, she is so talented.

I'm trying very hard to not let little insignificant things bother me... but I think everyone I talk to about it understands. I have a right!!! :P

It's weird to be "dating" someone who isn't an hour away. I like it though. I like that its not so serious, I just like it in general. I went to Brett's volleyball game yesterday, that was fun. Sports are so fun to watch simply for the faces people make while playing them. Love it. Then we had Greek food at Daphne's - it was phenomenal. I'm in love with Brett's cat !!! Monty, she's the best. Softest most cuddly wonderful thing in the world. And I met his parents... super jewish, I love it.

To say I'm really excited for this weekend is an understatement. I am SO pumped. I cannot wait. Lots of applications lately to fill out.. housing, scholarships, camp counselor applications. I'm auditioning for a $10,000 scholarship... nerve wracking, but if I get it - that would be freaking awesome. I want to be a camp counselor at this drama camp this summer really badly. It would be such an amazing experience...but who knows if I will even be able to. I have so much on my plate.

I am sitting here staring at my room, just wishing it would make itself better.. haha I need to set a time aside to clean it. But I have literally, no time. Except for downtime like this after work which I like to spend enjoying myself and relaxing.. not cleaning. Perhaps tomorrow.

My bed is beckoning me for a swim in my dreams, so I guess I'll dive in. :)

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