Tuesday, March 18, 2008

breathe easy for a while

Ashland was wonderful. Super relaxing and all the shows we saw were phenomonal.

It was nice to get away, I'm so sick of home yet so homesick? Irony.

I have to memorize all my lines for my scene by tomorrow AND memorize a brand new monologue. Eeek. Although I have been told good things about my standings in the casting process, I am still slightly nervous. Auditioning in front of you peers is slightly scary...

Today was really good :)

Date number two. More swing dancing, a picnic in the park, chimichangas, watching the sun set on Fish Ranch Road, and push pops. Six hours of wonderfulness.

I'm still very guarded... but its good. I'm scared to death of being hurt again haha. Super paranoid. Buuuuuuut he makes me smile a lot and is absolutely adorable. :)

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