Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who knew?

:D Can I just say, I am stoked!@!!!! Date tomorrow. Say it again, DATE TOMORROW. :D With a boy who loves green tea, appreciates/respects girls, music, and swing dancing. And is in an adorable hellogoodbye-esque band (even though I made a vow never to date a boy in a band again... he is definitely an exception.) And is as amazingly obsessed with acapella groups as I am!!!!

Allll sorts of butterflies :D I'm such a freak, but you have no idea how perfect this boy is :) He wants to write music togetherrrrr skdlfjslkdfja;dsf

Sleep now !

Ps- Having the boys over and making music/learning explosions in the sky on piano/ making tsd vids/wine/justin making us pasta = amazing. i love my parents being gone!

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