Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Thank you for walking into my life"

Life is a funny little thing. I haven't been able to bring myself to finishing a blog in a while, but I think I might give it a shot tonight.

As I mentioned before, DC was amazing. I love traveling and experiencing new places and re-experiencing places... creating mental pictures for the memory album within my mind. I just found out that I'm going down to Fullerton the weekend of April 14 for the open house and to register and all that... I'm really excited. I'm going to hopefully get to see my brother and some Y&G loves as well.

Its really odd to me that I'm leaving in less than 5 months. March is nearly over, April is almost completely booked already, and I'm looking forward to May and all its (hopeful) relaxation.

I feel like I've been saying the same thing every month... that I can't wait for things to end so I'll have TIME. But in reality, I have been saying that all year, and I still don't really feel any less busy haha. This hasn't even felt like spring break, just a really long weekend. And honestly? It has been so low-key compared to my crazy winter break. I haven't been to a party since... well, I really don't know when. Tyler Smith's helllaaa days ago? That's unusual for me. But I've either been out of town, working, or otherwise occupied when other parties come up. I haven't drank since Derek showed up with that bottle of red wine when my parents were gone, but I didn't even drink a significant amount then. It feels kind of nice. Especially because I know next year I'm just going to be trashed all the time, hahah or so I believe.

Back to what I was beginning to say - leaving seems so foreign to me. Like, I'm really moving away to college? My life is really beginning? It's such an odd thing.

Things with Brett have been going really well. I feel like we've known each other a lot longer than we really have. It's nice. I don't expect a lot, and I'm not taking it ultra seriously. But it is getting "serious", at least to the point where I know he's not just going to flake out on me like some random asshole. And that's a nice thing to know. Plus, he's rediculously sweet and makes me very happy. He does a lot of little things that really make me get intense butterflies. Holding my face, cute little surprise kisses, so many things. Singing together, harmonizing. So cheesy, but so wonderful hahah.

I asked him to ball in an ultra sweet way (that I'm pretty proud of!) and I'm stoked for it. He really is the perfect date - everyone I've introduced him to already has gotten along with him and I know I'm not going to have to like, cater to his needs. I know that I am going to be able to romp around and be social with him and have him interact with people even if he doesn't really know them, dance the night away, and I know he'll be nothing but a perfect gentleman to me as a date. :) Its going to be great.

I keep letting the fact that its senior ball overshadow the fact that it's going to be my 18th birthday!! So strangeeee. I'm going to be a big girl. I'm going dress shopping tomorrow, I'm excited :D

Life is passing me by far too quickly.

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