Monday, March 10, 2008

Will you dance with me tonight?

Hmmm. So maybe not all boys are so awful after all. I think my theory that once you give up on boys, the right one will come along is ironically right.. or at least, seems to be.

This is all very premature, and I mean really. But if someone can be that sweet and give me butterflies that fast, I think I'm allowed to be happy :) Especially because I know for a fact he's not just out to get some. :) He wants to teach me how to swing danceeeeeee ! :D

My day yesterday with Tess was wonderful. We didn't end up biking/going to the beach but we got lunch/ice cream and sat around in the park. It was such a beautiful day! And I love that girl to death, I swear.
I have a habit of photographing my food...

BOMB ass pesto sammy. & tess' dog munder :D

No school until 12:30 tomorrow YEAHHH! :) And I got an ipod today ! Double yeahh! And my parents leave tomorrow! TRIPLE YEAH! :D

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