Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I blame you, I thank you

Wasn't having it all that day
Having thought I was there is fine
Don't know what can be hard to say, oh
That's a sign of a better time
You know now
The hours that go in front of me
Remind it how it used to be
And you down in the grass with me
The hours of choking century
I blame you, I thank you

Weird series of events, weird mood, weird weird weird. Yesterday turned out to be good, although I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling now. Everything is so ironic lately, I don't know how to handle it.

I think I'm just super tired, and my extreme fatigue is causing my mind to churn. I hate that. I was up till 3 last night, and although it was enjoyable, I can feel myself turning into a zombie.

I'm stoked on next week, my parents are going out of town the two days we have the CAHSEE testing and Megan and such are gonna come over and we are going to have fun :) Saturday night should be good too, although I'm not sure.. we'll see.

I had a very interesting conversation with someone yesterday. He apologized, which was surprising, but I'm pretty sure his intentions are tainted. That whole situation just makes me laugh.

I hate feeling like I'm stuck in this transition phase in my life. I'm just waiting for so much, I'm so anxious for it all to just begin!

I really hope I can go to Coachella still. I don't know if I can afford it. I'm applying what I've learned in Econ to my daily life, making tradeoffs left and right and always considering the opportunity cost, bahaha.

Hopefully I'm going back out tonight to see Megan and the boys, if not .. bed super early.

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