Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i've got the world on a string

"'s weird cuz when we are all hanging out it's chill but when i'm alone with her i'm SO attracted to her"


I like this chill and take it day-by-day philosophy.. it has worked out for me a lot better than anything else at this point. It's so weird. I had an amazing time doing absolutely nothing last night, just laughing and talking.... and watching porn-ish documentaries and then gullah gullah island? ahahah but I love good conversation. This is the first person I've actually really felt a connection with since Eric. It's nice. I'm not psyching myself up too much for it, but I am allowed to be happy, I think :) I've been spending too much time out though... the past few weeks I haven't gotten home until 1-2am on school nights. My dad apparently doesn't think I'm going to graduate and might be into heavy drugs because I don't tell him where I am, lol I did get pretty trashed Sunday but idk. I don't think I'm anything to worry about.

It just dawned on me today how soon school is ending. I know I am always counting down the days, but it really hit me today. Less than 5 weeks left of high school. Holy shit, wow. I am really stoked for college though. I repeat myself too often... oh well.

I think I'm dying my hair auburn tonight! I'm excited but sort of nervous. It's about time for another change, though (:

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