Friday, May 2, 2008

And we're still out at 10 in the evening

These past few days have been good, but odd.

I saw Minus the Bear on Tuesday, they blew my mind. We went and hung out at Coit tower after the show and it was nice to just be with my friends. I'm really grateful for them lately.

I think its reality is starting to swirl around me, my synapses are just beginning to connect as I realize the finality of the next few months. Its already freaking May. Two months until I am no longer in high school... 4 months until I move. I signed up for my orientations today for Fullerton, and in doing so, made my enrollment there official. I wonder how many people I'll never see again. I am realizing how I have no real concept of the word "never". I feel like I can't comprehend it.

I wrote this yesterday, I need to tweak it some, but I like it. It makes me feel like I lifted a weight off of my shoulders... funny how writing can relieve what you want to say in a subliminal way.

As the door begins to close, I watch from afar, key clenched in my hand. As the door slides shut, I pause - almost in mourning. The illuminations from the opposite end find their way to my corneas through the cracks surrounding the wooden barrier. It dawns on me that this is all I'll ever have, all I'll ever hold on to - that sole stream of light. Some may say that this hallway seems lonely, and at times it is. But there's something about a lone, confident stride that greatly surpasses any stumble while hanging on your shoulders. I pause in my walk to take one last look - one last farewell. A bright tinkle of metal echoes through the hall as I let the key pass through my fingers. I nod my head, and push on.

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