Saturday, May 31, 2008

we looked like giants

I'm going to cry like a baby tomorrow. Watching my best friend graduate is really going to hit me hard - next its MY graduation. I teared up practicing our singing for pops today. Its all coming at me so fast. 9 days left of high school. I graduate two weeks from today. Or yesterday, whichever way you look at it.

A big part of me wants to stay and be with Leeanna tomorrow and spend time in Gilroy after the graduation, but an even bigger part of me just wants to go back to my bubble. The mere chance that I might run into Eric drives me to the hills. I don't want to see him, yet I do. But I really really don't, haha. I haven't seen him since February. I haven't heard his voice in probably an equal amount of time... and although I do want to see him before I move, now's not the time.

I actually talked to Donnie about it last night. I really love that I can seriously talk about anything with him. I don't, obviously, because we still hardly know each other.. but I feel so comfortable with him. I actually trust him, as much as I can at this point. I'm really lucky that he's in my life right now. And he seems to want to stick around :) He's having dinner with my family sometime this week (maybe sunday), and he already has plans to come to my graduation party. Apparently he has plans to "embarass me in front of my whole family". Crazy boy.

Life is in such a strange place for me right now, but I'm trying to enjoy it the best I can.

Drama banquet was more fun than I was expecting - I really am going to miss my little theatre nerds. And I won best actress? Which was a pleasant surprise. I was up against Viv and I really didn't think that I'd win. Oh well, now I have a cheap trophy to remind me that a bunch of geeks think I'm a decent liar ;)

Time for sleep, I'm planning on submerging myself in Danny time tomorrow since it will most likely be the last time I see him until August :(

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