Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coldplay was amazing. Beyond amazing. Nothing short of epic.

Apparently he's scared. He likes me too much already and doesn't want to lose me. So is that supposed to justify him dropping off the face of the earth the last 4 days? Something about him makes me want to risk it all. Nelson told me he likes me more than he liked his ex, who he went out with for 3 years. But he's scared. Of me moving, of me getting drunk at a party and forgetting him, of me rebounding like I rebounded off of Donnie and onto him. But he doesn't understand. He doesn't understand that Donnie was just passing the time, that what he makes me feel is completely real. He's an honest guy, as nelson put it. There aren't too many of them left. He doesn't understand the tingling in my toes, the uproar in my stomach - the way he makes me feel. He makes me feel something like Eric made me feel - but better. I already trust him. I don't know, its extreme and lame but I swear - if he wanted to be together with me, I'd agree in a heartbeat. I'd make it work through the long distance, I'd sacrifice. I don't understand it, but that's how I feel. I don't know. I feel dumb, but its true.

Being in the same building as him and not calling him today killed me.

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