Tuesday, July 1, 2008

me: i feel like he thinks he can take advantage f me because i let him lol
me: or like, ditch me you know?
neema: you do let him
neema: does it matter? you have almost 0 time left before you go studying living the rest of your life
neema: and youre here sitting letting one guy ruin your carefree summer
neema: after this its all buisiness. if you mess up later, it might not be able to be fixed.
neema: but now, whats going to happen.
neema: right now youre living the most carefree life
neema: party from 7-7, sleep in the morning
neema: in a month, even though there may be parties, its going to be affecting your future.
neema: right now, this has no affect on anything
neema: if you let a guy wind you up and down in college, and you let him get to your head,
neema: ....not good
neema: Basically: You Have nothing to lose now, but youre living life as if you do. What are you going to do in a monthish when you actually have something to lose?

i need to stop wasting my time. he calls me beautiful and apparently is 5'11"... sounds like a fun time. if not, i need to be alone again. its good for me

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