Monday, July 7, 2008

So there's a lot I haven't posted on this particular blog. 4th of july was insane, I don't remember 65% of it - I had at least 12 shots and a beer... I was so happy for a while but it went down hill once Donnie showed up at Lauren's. I didn't expect him to come, so I had more than a few drinks to forget it all and just be happy. By the time he got there I could barely stand, and he was apparently there for like an hour and a half before he decided that he didn't want to take care of everyone because he had passed up seeing his friends to come to the party and everyone was just ridiculous (mj, if you're reading, take note of how i spelled it correctly haha). Long story short he left and I was super upset and was bawling like a child for an hour or so before I realized how stupid it was and jumped into the hot tub. A bunch of guys Libby had invited were there and I started talking with all of them. Before I knew it, I was alone, deep in conversation with one particular boy. Urosh. We spent the whole night talking and slept in the same room and whatnot.. I don't know. He's so great, but he confuses me a lot. I just talked things over with Donnie yesterday because he was really upset with me for being so unreasonable at the time, and we're cool. But in the 48 hours I've known Urosh, I already feel a connection with him that Donnie doesn't even come close to.


I'm off to Fullerton for orientation, but I'm sure I'll post more later.

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