Thursday, July 17, 2008

i don't understand how am i supposed to feel when you say we’ll hang out today then dont talk to me at all yesterday or answer your phone today? should i just assume your phone is broken? is it wrong for me to be upset that you just didn’t bother trying to contact me? idk. i feel like a crazy needy stalker girl but honestly, you make plans and then you just disappear… how am i supposed to act? bummer. i’m just disappointed. and i do not like that. i hate it , even. i think my least favorite thing in the world is when people are MIA. especially after making plans. i just don’t understand it. even if i make plans and flake, which does happen, i at least let people know. at least let me know, give me some lame excuse as to why you’re flaking. i don't even know how to act - if i message you after calling you and texting you then what is that, stalking you? like what?! i dont understand. but i guess i have no choice but to let it go. it just sucks, i wish you would at least fucking message me or something. i thought you weren't like the rest.. you made a point of saying that. whatever, haha. i have not wasted time waiting for him, which is nice.

i hung out with donnie tonight, which was interesting. no kiss, no real hand holding or anything. a whole lot of physical tension. i think we're both just unsure since the 4th of july meltdown. but he said that now that school's over he's going to have a lot of free time. i said, oh? does that mean we actually get to hang out ? and he said, yeah thats why i mentioned it. like, what? i am just confused by it. i said to him for him to call me when he wasnt busy because i didn't want to bug him and he said no! bug me, please. bug me. !?! wtf? no! i hate that.

i just want to move already!!

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