Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me: So I guess yesterday wasn't good?
Urosh: Let's just say I'm glad to not be throwing up at this moment
Me: :/ I hope that means you're starting to feel better.. I'm sorry, throwing up is the worst.
Urosh: I've had a huge migrane for like three days and its getting really old. I feel a little better today though.
Me: No good boy :( you should go to the doctor if it gets any worse. But I'm glad to hear its beyond the point of throwing up. I'm sorry, that's a bummerr.
Urosh: Thank you :) has anyone ever told you you are kinda nice? Just kinda?
Me: Haha, only kinda? No, no one's ever told me that before :P
Me: Well I hope you continue to feel better. it'd be nice to talk when you feel up to it - otherwise try not to disappear again, makes me assume ridiculous things
Urosh: I promise I will call you as soon as this headache goes away. Don't assume ridiculous things!
Me: Its hard not to when you go MIA for a week! But all that aside, feel better soon boy.


anxious. i move in 29 days. i just want to know.

donnie is being super cute... holding my hand and stealing kisses in the hall. confusing.

goodbyes are going to be hard, all around.

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